IBAN checker

This IBAN validation form will verify that an entry is correct. Note that this does not mean that the account exists.

An IBAN consists of

  • a two-letter country code i.e. FR (which indicates France in this case)
  • a two-digit checksum i.e. 14 and
  • a domestic bank account number* consisting of up to thirty alphanumeric characters

* Domestic bank account numbers, often referred to as a Basic Bank Account Number or BBAN, consist of a branch or routing codes and the account number which in some countries may include alphabetics; all BBANs conform to ISO 13616.

IBAN format

GBkkSSSSbbbb bb
  • GBCountry
  • kk/KChecksums
  • SFirst four characters of SWIFT/BIC code
  • bBranch code
  • Account number

* EU regulation 2560/2001 (providing free or low-cost cross-border transfers using IBAN) does not apply to these countries along with Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man and Vatican City whom are not members of the EU/EEA.

FCA authorised
and regulated