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This IBAN validation form will verify that an entry is correct. Note that this does not mean that the account exists. The IBAN validator will also decode and identify the country, bank/branch routing details, and bank account number.

Enter your IBAN

What is an IBAN?

An IBAN consists of:

  • a two-letter country code i.e. FR (which indicates France in this case)
  • a two-digit checksum i.e. 14 and
  • a domestic bank account number* consisting of up to thirty alphanumeric characters

* Domestic bank account numbers, often referred to as a Basic Bank Account Number or BBAN, consist of a branch or routing codes and the account number which in some countries may include alphabetics; all BBANs conform to ISO 13616.

Select country

*EU regulation 2560/2001 (providing free or low-cost cross-border transfers using IBAN) does not apply to these countries along with Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man and Vatican City whom are not members of the EU/EEA.

IBAN format

GB kk SSSS bbbb bb
  • GBCountry
  • kk/KChecksums
  • SFirst four characters of SWIFT/BIC code
  • bBranch code
  • Account number

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