IndependenteCommerce Sellers Save time and money on
receiving multiple currencies

  • Great rates & service
  • Proven & trusted
  • Fast global transfers
  • Security of funds
  • Great rates & service
  • Proven & trusted
  • Fast global transfers
  • Security of funds

Save money with our borderless account

When you sell internationally on marketplaces like Amazon or on your standalone website, you lose money on foreign exchange. Our Borderless account allows you to collect sales revenue in different currencies without opening local bank accounts or paying expensive conversion fees which are usually hidden in the exchange rate.

How it works

Also compatible with your standalone website for non-marketplace eCommerce
Option to pay your international suppliers directly from the borderless account

Why useCurrency Solutions?

Your borderless account

Your Borderless account is issued in the name of your company with its own International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

Fast automated transfers

We can automatically transfer your funds once they reach the minimum transfer level. No need to login or call us.

Great savings with our low rates

The Borderless account gives online sellers great savings and transparent rates.

Rate alert notification

Receive tailored alerts based on your preferences.

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Other services


If you pay suppliers in foreign currency, you will be incurring a foreign exchange cost. Use your Borderless account to make international payments at competitive rates.

Protect yourbusiness

We offer an extensive range of services to businesses, including forward contracts.


If you are selling via your own e-commerce website we can process payments for your customers. Our payments service supports over 120 currencies, 180 countries, and 9 languages. All major payment cards accepted.

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TrustPilot Best in “Money” category 2016, MoneyTransferComparison
Service Excellence Award 2016, Customer Experience Awards Finalist 2016.