Friday 24th June 2016

Brexit result

I can’t believe it! 

I didn’t plan any trips for next week, thought I should let everything settle down after the EU Referendum as I need to be sensible with my money. Forecasters had predicted a 3-4% increase in the value of the pound if Remain won or a whopping 10-20% drop with a Brexit. So I decided to hedge my bets and uh-oh. 51.9% of the UK have voted to leave the EU. This morning the pound/dollar exchange rate fell to its lowest in 31 years and the pound/euro dropped about 7%. Plus, David Cameron has announced his resignation. What does it all mean?


Monday 27th June 2016

Still elated about my trip to Marrakesh and telling anybody about it that will listen! 

My left-over currency paid for a great night with the girls on Saturday. We started at the Black Jug as it’s near the station so easier to meet Melissa and Candy there, had something to eat (very wise!) while we discussed the shock Brexit result, then took ourselves off to The Dead Parrot. This is Horsham’s finest cocktail bar, everything is so quirky and fun, drinks served with a definite twist. Many laughs and a few glasses of ‘Sweet Shop Sour’ and ‘Only Mules & Horses’ later I merrily danced my way home – another good reason to have worn my new babouches, at least I couldn’t fall over in them! 

More political upset

Not only are the Conservatives having to think about a new leader after David Cameron’s announcement (BoJo surely?) but now the Labour party are also in turmoil. Jeremy Corbyn sacked his shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn and then another 11 shadow cabinet members resigned - phewee, this is interesting stuff!

I have the best friends EVER

It’s lucky I didn’t plan any trips away as it turns out because my super-duper friends DID. It is my birthday next week (only 37, nothing special but clearly into my late, not mid, 30s L) and as they knew I wouldn’t have to be in work they have planned a surprise long weekend away to…Madrid! Picasso, tapas, Zara and my girls. Bring it on!

All 6 of us are going – me, Melissa, Suzi, Alice, Jess and Candy. They have taken 2 days off work, so we leave early on Friday and come home late on Monday to make the most of our time there. Jess, as always (poor Jess but she is so good at it!), has done all the organising and booked us into the Radisson Blu right in the centre of town. Sounds like she really did her research – she explored all the options - *booking both flight and hotel together on expedia, *booking flight only on expedia and accommodation separately direct with the hotel and then *booking the same flight direct with easyJet – and saved over £100 per person doing it that way, what a star. So much a star that the girls have chipped in and paid for my holiday as my birthday present. Thank you ladies x

When I told Mum and Dad about it they said they would give me some euros for my birthday so that I can treat myself in the shops as they hadn’t really decided what to get me yet, so I just need to think about my spending money. The pound/euro exchange rate has dropped almost another 2% since Friday so we all need to think about the best way to get our currency.

Save on debit card fees

Obviously I got caught out last time exchanging money at the airport so this morning I looked into the new Travelex ‘Supercard’. It is easy to get one, and I just have to link it to my debit card via an app. They apply the same exchange rates as MasterCard and don’t charge any fees when I spend overseas (which my bank does). I will get charged if I withdraw cash at an ATM but since most city restaurants and stores display the MasterCard sign that should not be a problem. 

With all that in hand I just need to decide what to pack and wonder what fashionista birthday item I might purchase.


Wednesday 29th June 2016

Passage to India

At some stage during my fashionista year I MUST go to India, so as that is a little bit more exotic I have begun my research already. I went to see the nurse yesterday and she confirmed I will need to start getting my injections and tablets a month before I go. I am still not decided exactly which part of India to visit but I am making a short-list, and from that it appears I will be going towards the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017. I might even fit in a relaxing yoga break too or some time on the beach. This one will need some serious planning.

Maybe Jeremy Corbyn should go to a yoga retreat too, he must need some R&R after yesterday’s 81% no confidence vote. 

Right then, enough with the daydreaming, on with the packing, and a couple of restful, healthy days before my girlie weekend away!


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