Thursday 21st July 2016

Dear diary,

Sorry I have been ignoring you this past week but the weather has been so nice it completely distracted me. These are the days I feel ever so slightly smug about not having to set an early alarm, rush around and then commute on a busy, delayed train to London. Instead I can wake up when the birds want me to and enjoy the sunshine at my leisure. Pure bliss. 

“It’s time to grab a surfboard, let’s make the waves our dancefloor”

I booked my flight and accommodation for Hawaii so have kept up my international fashionista duties. First I had to decide which of the eight islands to go to, and settled on Oahu as that is where Honolulu is and Waikiki Beach. I took my time to compare the cost of booking the flight and hotel together with that of booking them separately, and booking them together on saved me £126 which can’t be sniffed at. I am staying nine nights so it will be a nice relaxing break. It is a long journey with a two-hour stopover but the flight with United Airlines is rated 8/10 so hopefully will be comfortable. I have chosen a fairly simple hotel which has a reasonable 4/5 review on TripAdvisor. It is just a few minutes’ walk from the beach and is self-catering so I can work to my own budget and timetable. I honestly don’t know what to expect so can’t wait to get going!

The pound to dollar exchange rate has gone down a smidge but is still better than it was when Theresa May won the Conservative Party leadership battle. I don’t need to buy any currency yet so will hedge my bets and wait a little longer. I bought some stamps the other day and noticed that the Post Office sell currency so I will try using them for my currency exchange this time.

Mud wrestling

Speaking of Theresa May, yesterday was an interesting news day. She went to Berlin for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Nothing seems to happen in Europe if Angela Merkel doesn’t approve so it was an important post-Brexit introduction. They are the world’s two most influential female political leaders and I was expecting a bit of a power struggle with maybe a bit of mud wrestling thrown in for good measure! After red carpet introductions they actually seemed to bond well though, and even made a football joke fifty years after we beat Germany in the World Cup. Theresa May, for her part, was clear that the UK won’t tolerate any more mass immigration – that was the main reason, I think, for people voting to leave the EU. Angela Merkel agreed that the UK is right to wait before triggering Article 50, giving the PM time to figure out her objectives and how to negotiate them, however was clear that no formal discussions pertaining to Brexit can take place until then. 

Afterwards, Theresa said: “We have two women here who have got off to a very constructive discussion, two women who, if I may say so, want to get on with the job and want to get the best possible results for the people in the UK and in Germany.”

Merkel said: “I promise you from the German side we will certainly stand up for our interests – just as Britain does for its own citizens. But we will do this in a spirit of friendship.”

No mud wrestling then - how disappointing for the YouTubers!

Do it yourself

Here is something I have been mulling over while enjoying the British summertime – with plenty of time on my hands, could I manufacture an outfit myself? It is a long time since I attended Home Economics classes at school, but the resulting outfit would definitely be an individual fashion piece, adhering to my mission statement.

There are many reasons not to make myself an outfit, such as the cost of buying extra material and starting over again when I go wrong, the time and effort involved, the trauma it could cause due to not even knowing how to sew in a zip, and the strain on my eyes.

However, a made-to-measure item of clothing of whatever style, fabric and colour I choose does sound extremely desirable, and it never hurts to learn a new skill. I also wonder whether it would save money over the cost of buying something similar off the rack. 

Presumably all I have to do is pick a pattern, choose some material and, well, sew? Easy huh? I’m sure that Mum kept Nan’s sewing machine and would lend it to me. If she says “yes” then I will definitely make this a new personal challenge.

I think of Nan often as I wear her ring - it’s on my wedding finger which is a bit unusual, but that is the only finger it properly fits and I think it makes a fashion statement all of its own. Maybe if I ever get married I’ll have to do it the Greek way and wear my wedding band on the right hand, just to preserve Nan’s ring finger status! 


PS Just called Mum, she said “yes” that I can use the sewing machine, although I must say she sounded somewhat dubious about my capabilities. Uh-oh, looks like I am entering the world of seamstressing. Or maybe just simply stressing!

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