Valencia is the most "up and coming" region of Spain and one of the best places to visit, either for a short break in the city, or a longer break exploring the region.

The city of Valencia is one of Spain's most historic and beautiful, as well as its third largest, with an abundance of historical, social, and cultural amenities for everyone.  The ancient quarter around the cathedral can be explored on foot and has some really impressive old buildings and lovely old streets and squares with bars and restaurants, but from here you can also take a ride on the "Bus Turistic" to see the rest of this great city.  The bed of the diverted river Turia is now a beautiful park meandering for several kilometers through the city, so you can stroll through lovely gardens with fine trees, fountains and sculptures. Then there is the new development named the "City of Arts and Sciences", featuring some of today's most amazing new public architecture.  The city's most recent acquisition is a new "safari park" zoo with an African theme to begin with, but more to follow

The city has an excellent metro system now connected with the airport and along with the main train service, it also connects with many outlying towns and both are cheap.  Additionally, there is a tram service connecting the city center with Malvarosa beach, 6 km of beautiful, sandy beach, close to the port.

Valencia has recently played host to some notable events, such as the 37th "America's Cup" yacht regatta and the Formula 1 motor racing in its very streets, whilst the motor bike racing circuit near Cheste held formula 2 trials and was venue to the largest rock concert in history when Madonna performed there.  The circuit may be the venue for many more.

Provincial Valencia is everywhere beautiful, green countryside cultivating wine and fruit and the further inland you venture the more breathtaking the scenery becomes, with mountains, valleys, river gorges, lakes, caves and quaint, old picture post card villages. 
South of the city is the nature reserve park "Albufeira", a vast tract of flat land with a great lagoon surrounded by paddy fields that annually yield the rice for Valencia's most famous dish - "Paella."

For the beach lover there are miles of superb, sandy beaches along the coastline and the climate is everything you expect of "sunny Spain".

Valencia has some of the best fiestas in Spain, the most unique being the  "Fallas" which last throughout March with hundreds of amazing, satirical sculptures of wood, papier maché and Styrofoam that all go up in flames on a spectacular night of fireworks, bonfires and street parades.
Other towns stage "Moors and Christians" parades.  There is the wine fiesta in Requena, the famous "Tomatina" in Buñol, and the Summer fiestas with bull runs in the streets. In fact there are great events and entertainments all throughout the year.

So come visit Valencia and discover this still relatively unknown jewel of Spain, that really does have something to offer everyone.

Article provided by Peek At Spain