Sometimes your money can go to a wrong account or to be delayed on their way to the recipient but there are tools and methods to track your currency transfer The international banks and currency provider companies are reputable entities but from time to time a customer may complain that his money did not reach their final destination or a recipient will wait more than usual to get the money sent to him. You do not have to panic if such a nuisance occurs for there are simple and working methods to track your money. If you conducted a wire transfer and the beneficiary did not received the money check the value date of the transfer, which is the date at which the amount sent will be available to the recipient. Check the confirmation number you received from your bank and ask them if needed to make a trace wire, which will reveal where exactly the money transfer has stopped. From time to time, intermediary banks delay some transfer for one reason or another so you do not have to worry too much. Before taking such actions, however, make sure that all information you entered during the transfer is correct and the beneficiary provided his correct ID and bank details. Most of the money transfer companies provide a money transfer control number you will use in case your transfer gets lost. Some of them utilise online tracking tools allowing a customer to log in to his personal account and trace out the order himself. However, you must keep your original receipt or make additional payment to file a tracking form if things went wrong. In addition, do not give your money transfer control number to strangers. The banks and money transfer companies use sophisticated software to track their clients’ money but there is no system fool proofed against human mistakes such as entering incorrect data, wrong SWIFT or BIC code, or giving access to your money transfer control number to a stranger. Some Forex brokers also provide currency transfer services and use various methods to transfer your money. As a rule, their systems are every bit as good as the transaction systems of the banks and the online service providers but they cannot protect you against incorrectly written information too. It is advisable to check all the information regarding the transfer beforehand and to make sure you entered it correctly in the provided order form. You can find many currency transfer companies which claim they always know exactly where your money is. This is possible in theory but rarely occurs in real life. Better, find a company offering money back guarantee or insurance on its money transfers, a company with a proven record of accomplishment and reputation. Some foreign currency exchange brokers who utilise their own networks worldwide are more than capable of tracking your money transfer and often provide refund if something went wrong within their internal network. A few of them will provide you with a kind of a temporary access to their tracking system to trace out your order.