With a wealth of collective experience within the fine wine industry, Wilson Douglas was established to provide our private clients with a dedicated and bespoke wine portfolio management service.• 159% gains in 3 years
• Entry level only £6,000 for luxury asset class
• Demand remains strong even in current climate
• Supply only shrinks as wine is held or consumed
• Wasting chattel so no Capital Gains Tax to pay
• Eligible for SIPPs
• Re-valuations every 3 months
• Realistic exit strategy within 12 months if required
• Wine held, insured and managed

The market for top tier wines has easily outstripped the performance seen in most other recognised investment markets for the last 25 years averaging 15% per annum. The combination of strong returns, low risk and the tax free status of returns seen on wine has been highly compelling for those in the know for well over a century and for those wanting to diversify into an alternative asset class showing continued growth, now presents a very good time.

Consumption, collection and speculation have remained unhindered leaving auctioneers bullish and investors still able to buy investment grade wines at an advantageous price, pointing to strong potential growth in the medium as well as long term.

For those contemplating fine wines as part of an investment portfolio, the latter part of 2008 serves as a good barometer for the resilience of this market. As predicted, the initial dip is starting to show signs of an upward growth curve, attributed largely to increasing worldwide demand for these wines, most notably from Asia, far outstripping supply.

Other information
Upon enquiring we will provide prospective clients with the following:
- due diligence on the market
- a range of suitable purchases
- a consultation with our wine expert

Article provided by Wilson Douglas