Ablestoke “When they’re better” is the easy answer to this question but going about getting them isn’t quite as straightforward as you might think. If you’re looking to change currency it’s essential that you receive the highest interest rates possible whilst still maintaining easy access to your funds. What is the interest rate you are receiving when holding this money on deposit? Can it be bettered? If you are trading for the long term, there are several types of tax wrappers which could lead to tax free returns or even draw tax relief, an attractive scenario for the higher-rate tax payer. When looking at individual investment strategies, we often advise speaking to Ablestoke, a wealth management firm who have helped many of our clients. They say: “If people are transferring money overseas in order to purchase a property we can look into tax efficient structures for both the purchase as well as the disposal of the property. We can also help to ensure other considerations have been looked into, such as whether or not you have made a valid will in the country you’ll be relocating to.” For any companies dealing in foreign exchange, Ablestoke can offer a full range of services such as corporate banking and finance (i.e. capital funding), review and implementation of employee benefits and business protection. Ablestoke start by developing a clear understanding of corporate culture and your key business objectives. The details may involve one specific area such as managing sickness absence, or a comprehensive range of topics such as flexible benefits, pensions, dental cover, income protection, medical insurance and more. If you already have a package in place, they can review it to improve the detailed features, including a cost reduction, if appropriate. The company also partner with a number of industry experts who specialise in business planning, financial management and accountancy as well as helping businesses to develop their customer base, increase sales and get access to funding. Many of our clients have used their external services to improve cash flow, accurately manage business information and improve their businesses despite current market conditions. Ablestoke can offer staff seminars as well as free one-to-one consultations with individual employees. For more information please contact Anthony O’Toole on 020 7400 1937 or email []( [](