You’ve had a long week of work, and you’re looking forward to finally kicking back and getting the rest that you deserve. That’s when you remember about that currency exchange you were meant to do – whether it’s to send over money to a family member abroad, make that mortgage payment, or whatever it may be. Here you are faced with two options: Your first option is to go to the bank. You get up, get dressed, go out to the bank, only to discover that they don’t have any appointments left for hours, or any today at all. So you go home and call them up, but after half an hour of their on-hold music, you feel like you’re going insane and hang up. So you go online, but nothing is possible without ringing them up. When you eventually get through to their call centre, you end up speaking to a clueless member to staff who gives you a terrible rate. OR you could come to us, Currency Solutions. We pride ourselves in having a very efficient and speedy process. Instead of waiting weeks for your registration to go through, and wasting your precious spare time on hold, we can make sure that your currency exchange goes smoothly and speedily. Our online registration form takes around fifteen minutes to complete. Once sent through, our hard-working admin team will use a set of thorough systems and checks to make sure that the process is secure and accurate. For applications sent in during working hours, your account will be up and running within the hour – and that’s something a bank could never promise! Should there be any difficulties with your registration, such as an address that doesn’t match, or a check that we couldn’t complete, then our admin and compliance team will work hand-in-hand in order to smooth out the process as much as possible and ensure that you understand what the issue is and how it can be resolved. Our main priority is the safety of our clients’ funds, and we would never put our trusting customers at risk. Just like that, you have an account with us! And the best thing is – we don’t require anything more from you at all. A personal broker will have been assigned to you, and they won’t wait long before giving you a call to introduce themselves and to discuss your currency exchanges with you. Their job is to make your life as easy as possible. They will always be there to answer any questions and to guide you through the process. If you are happy with the rates discussed, then you can book a trade on the spot. Your broker will discuss the details with you, and make sure you know exactly what is happening, and exactly what you are doing. All that you need to do is transfer the money over to one of our secure segregated client accounts by the value date provided and your brother, or that mortgage company, or whomever it may be, will receive your funds within the week.