**These days we are aware of the slow destruction of rainforests responsible for reducing carbon in the atmosphere through logging and agriculture. But most carbon emissions are necessary, through our businesses, industries and simply getting from A to B.** Logging and agriculture gives rainforests a monetary value hard to beat by unfairly asking local industries to cease. So the inevitable decisions by our world leaders to allow some carbon emissions, request reductions, and ‘cap and trade’ over those limits, has seen the emergence of a solid, real market in the trade of offsetting carbon emissions through a credits system. By purchasing carbon credits, an individual or company can both offset their emissions levels (to meet targets/ penalties) and invest in a green development that either reduces carbon or promotes sustainable energy use, and the aim of preventing further deforestation gains valuable monetary support.

Ethical Investing

It is easy to see how the trade in carbon credits is financially viable, buying them when first issued or at pre-issue and selling them on, or buying from a developing country where costs to lower carbon emissions are cheaper and therefore making a solid investment in future trading. However, the money from the transaction in credits must go to a green or sustainable development, concept or industry. This encouragement to keep this investment market green and thus prevent further depletion of the earth’s natural resources is the future, and fast becoming hugely popular. Whilst the larger multinational companies concentrate on purchasing credits to lower their emissions caps, smaller companies and knowledgeable individuals are getting involved at grass-roots level in smaller and more low-risk investments that see solid returns. The emergence of the carbon markets shows a growing interest in the profitable results found by trading necessary emission reductions through certified units. The government-initiated drive to reduce carbon emissions, which ultimately plants incentive in those who need to reduce their emissions, creates a ‘cap and trade’ market which, far from being the proviso of global companies, can be entered by anyone, as personal reductions and investment in green emissions reductions programmes are just as important. Act now, protect the environment and invest in your future. For further information on the Carbon Trade Market in the form of a complimentary report, please [click here]( http://www.key-universal.com/) to go through to our website. Key Universal is a carbon project specialist and consultant for ethical investments, with a solid foundation in the carbon market. Key Universal act on behalf of their wide client base to offer information and advice on various ‘green’ initiatives and opportunities to become involved in the carbon trade market. For further information on specifics of the carbon market, please [click here](http://www.key-universal.com/contact_us.php) for a complimentary current trade report.