Not surprisingly, many Forex tools like currency calculators, currency converters and currency exchange historical charts are available online for free. Even Forex professionals are using similar tools and software, not for free of course, to perform their everyday duties. Such tools can be very helpful for one to calculate the approximate exchange rate at which a particular currency transfer will be arranged or to familiarise with the current exchange rate of a given currency pair. All basic currency calculators feature similar functionalities. First of all, they calculate the current foreign exchange rate for a particular currency pair or for multiple currencies as against one home currency. Some of them provide additional functionalities like historical charts to see not only the actual exchange rate but also how it has fluctuated throughout a certain time period and to decide whether the exchange rate at the moment is favourable or not. There are even more sophisticated free online tools used by the real Forex traders, including the possibility to follow major currency rates or cross rates in real time, forecasting tools or tools to calculate pips. A simple Google search will return thousands of results for reliable and, to some extent, correct free currency calculators and converters. However, there is no such thing as a free lunch as we all know, so a better option is to select a reliable currency dealer and currency transfer provider and to trust his Forex tools when considering your future money transfer. Why is that? Because every dealer or broker specialises in some types of Forex deals, has its own fees and commissions and his calculating tool will most probably reflect all these factors. A dealer specialising in exotic currencies may not be interested in major currencies crosses at all, and vice versa. Speaking of online tools, it is worth mentioning that the most popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. are capable of utilising the so-called add-ons or small external computer programmes which provide extended functionalities. There are plenty of add-ons which will incorporate currency exchange rate calculation directly into your browser but be careful when choosing such a programme and install software only from trusted and verified sources. Most major business news agencies also provide foreign exchange rates online, some of them even boast they offer real time currency exchange rates. It is not absolutely true because most often those are delayed real time quotes; nevertheless, they can be a helpful tool as well. Actually, you do not need real time currency quotes unless you want to become a professional Forex trader. Otherwise, these free online tools are adequate to fit your needs in calculating the exchange rate of a currency transfer. You should not forget that all free currency calculators and convertors return only an approximate value of the foreign currency exchange rate and should be used only as a basic tool to compare the prices of different service providers.