What if Trump was just a robot, the artificial embodiment of an alien intelligence that comes from the future to destroy the human race? What if, his spasmodic gestures and lips pouting uncontrollably are nothing but mechanical movements controlled by something darker, something inhuman? Would this be a more comforting story to believe, than the sheer stark reality that Trump is simply what we get when things start to fall apart?

“It all begins today”

On Friday (20 January) at noon (GMT 17:00), Trump’s inauguration will take place, commencing the president’s four-year term. For some, it’s the “Don of a New Day” (Daily News and New York Post), for others, it seems that it’s the end of politics as we know it. Anti-Trump protesters are gathering across the world, from Washington, to Toronto, Sydney, London and Dublin. In Washington, protesters are aiming at disrupting the celebrations of the new administration, with many chanting “no Trump, no KKK, no racists, fascists, go away” and others holding placards calling to “keep the Immigrants, Deport Trump.” On Saturday, the Women’s March on Washington is anticipated to attract hundreds of thousands of participants. Trump’s first tweet of the day reads, “It all begins today! I will see you at 11:00 A.M. for the swearing-in. The MOVEMENT CONTINUES – THE WORK BEGINS!”

A note of levity:

On the 19 and 20 January, at the National Press Building in Washington D.C., Trump supporters and alt-right members will be celebrating at what is called the DeploraBall. The name of the event is a playful reference to Hillary Clinton’s phrase “basket of deplorables” which she used to refer to Trump’s supporters.

The day’s programme

From attending a service at St John’s Episcopal Church and having coffee with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, to the inauguration ceremony, a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue and finishing off with three official inaugural balls, Trump and his wife Melania are having a full day of celebrations.

Bad Boys of Brexit

Tim Farron of the Liberal Democrats has warned the British: “Trump’s inauguration today should serve as a chilling reminder to those who believe in an open, tolerant and united Britain that these values must be fought for, now more than ever, both at home and worldwide.” But, for the likes of Farage and the other “bad boys of Brexit”, Trump is their idol and their new hope. Farage, who is attending Trump’s inauguration in Washington, gave a speech on Thursday at a British party at the five-star Hay-Adams Hotel. The event, celebrating Trump’s inauguration, was attended by Lord Ashcroft, Governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant and Aaron Banks. There was Champagne and mini portions of fish and chips. Farage said that, “Brexit was great but Trump becoming president is Brexit plus, plus, plus. He was right when he said it was a movement - but a movement can't exist, or flourish, without a leader. And Trump is the only man I've ever met in my life who has made me feel like an introvert.” But Farage isn’t an idiot. At the event piles of Aaron Banks’ book titled The Bad Boys of Brexit adorned a corner of the hotel room. As Farage said of himself, he has been regarded as the “patron saint of lost causes” but he is proud of what he achieved with Brexit: “Now I would like to think in my own little way that what we did with Brexit was the beginning of what is going to turn out to be a global revolution and that Trump's victory is a part of that.” In the face of Trump, Farage and the other bad boys are seeking for someone to defend their lost causes, or ways to make themselves useful in the White House. Selling a few books and enjoying the fame of an honourable Brexiteer never harmed anyone. The same goes for Theresa May who hopes to remain close to Trump. Ahead of his inauguration, it has been reported that Trump answered Downing Street’s letter to him. The letter included a copy of Winston Churchill’s wartime address which put emphasis on Anglo-American relations. May’s letter expressed her hopes for "unity and fraternal association.” But this is also what the American people are now awaiting from Trump: to keep his promises and deliver a greater America, or something along those lines. All eyes are on Trump now, with expectations of success, or failure…As George Soros said: “I personally have confidence that he’s going to fail.”