Behind The Scenes At Currency Solutions: Extra Advice For Clients

Clients find out about Currency Solutions in a surprisingly diverse amount of ways. Some find our website via the internet, some see our views on exchange rate movements being quoted in the press or are recommended to us by their friends and family. Another large proportion of clients find out about Currency Solutions after being recommended by a professional body such as their property agent, IFA, solicitor or accountant. Over the years we have built strong relationships through networking and meeting with a range of different companies. We believe that our affiliate partners are happy to recommend us because of the rates and service we provide their clients. An added bonus of these relationships is that we have been able to benefit from working with some excellent organisations. Rather than keep these to ourselves we have taken the opportunity this month to share them with you. If you need advice in any of these areas, we are confident that the individuals we work with look after our clients with integrity and trust: Financial Advice Many of our clients are buying or selling overseas property. We are naturally therefore asked about recommendations in areas such as getting a foreign mortgage. When clients are bringing funds back into the UK, they also often ask us if there are any tax implications, particularly when they are selling high value goods such as properties or yachts. We only deal with the foreign exchange side of these transfers so can’t answer these questions ourselves. We do however have the right contacts to help so whether you are looking for a UK or overseas mortgage, advice on how or where to invest money, tax planning, insurance advice on overseas properties, yachts, cars, high value goods or travel insurance, we can put you in touch with a recommended IFA, Wealth Manager, Tax Advisor or Accountant. Legal Advice People make foreign transfers for all sorts of reasons. Our clients often require legal advice whether they are buying a property for personal or commercial use or moving inheritance internationally. Similarly, our corporate clients are typically importing goods from overseas and need to have contracts in place with their overseas suppliers. Depending on the specific area that you require advice in, we can recommend one of the legal firms that are known and trusted to us. Property and Investment Advice We work with many overseas property companies making the cost of property buying and selling as affordable as possible for both them and their clients and ensuring that the foreign exchange transfers involved are hassle free. If you are thinking of investing in a specific country overseas we work with companies from Spain to Brazil to Italy who will be able to offer you the advice of a seasoned local. If you are planning on having a home built overseas we have architectural contacts who design for overseas builds. We also have links with other investment companies should you be contemplating an alternative investment to property such as gold, green oil or even art. Business Coaches, Marketing Advice …An Endless List! As networking has always been a key way that we maintain the presence of Currency Solutions amongst other businesses, the list of friends of Currency Solutions really is endless. We have good relationships with: * Business coaches and consultants * Web designers and printers * Marketing and Social media consultants * Events organisers, caterers, florists, photographers and wine merchants Even if you need a builder, cabinet maker or are even a decent personal trainer we can probably point you in the right direction! Your broker is always on hand for any currency enquiries but in order for us to answer your queries as best as possible please call 0207 740 0000 speak to Christina Weisz or Emma Wilson or email