Invest in continuing economic growth

4Property and their local business partners are providing good quality housing for Brazilian employees and managers, and 4Property will make donations from their profits to local charitable causes in Brazil; so it’s a good, very direct investment, and everybody benefits. You are invited to subscribe within an investment vehicle run by an FSA Authorised Operator, the vehicle, 4Property Hypa Investment will hold the assets of the Brazilian sites.


The Brazilian economy has averaged growth of 4.5% per year for the last nine years and is projected to continue that trend for the foreseeable future. This has attracted substantial inward investment and is creating many new jobs (1m new jobs created last year) as well as increasing the wealth of the population year on year, which also creates demand from house owners to up-trade their main homes.

Economic growth creates local demand

Many investors have looked to the tourist beaches of the North Brazilian coast and the second homes market, but 4Property are offering the opportunity to benefit from the underlying economic growth. By choosing to invest where solid economic growth is occurring and generating increased housing demand for the foreseeable future, 4Property are providing homes for the growing middle class in the oil rich state of Sergipe where they see continuing investment opportunity.

In brief :

Investment : amounts between £20,000 and £5m Security : An asset backed investment, underpinned by the passive land gains of sites purchased in a consistently appreciating market Returns : investor returns in excess of 25% per year Term : 3 years Qualifying investors need to be high net worth or sophisticated investors for this type of investment. This is an opportunity to: * Invest for good returns (compared to developed economy opportunities and certainly compared to returns on cash from bank interest rates) * Benefit personally from the growing Brazil economy * Support local childrens’ charities To find out more about this opportunity, please click here. If you would like to invest and grow this ethical business, or know more, then please call or email us. Contact : Simon Welsh Telephone : 0207 559 3600 Email :