The Real Dragon’s Den – Where Dreams Become Reality

Please click the following link to download an unusually brilliant new newsletter. Unique, modern, ergonomic, a proper multi-media experience. And it’s full of fascinating stuff. It’s from The Ideas Factory. Inside you will find proper Dragons’ Den-style ground floor start-up opportunities; all British inventions that you’ll love: A new British movie starring Danny Dyer that's ready-to-go A Facebook for horses, to tap into the £2 billion equine leisure market A superb brand new website concept presented by TV personality Dr Shini Somarathne A Deep Packet Inspection Company (read inside to find out what that means) An exciting new Music Festival for South London A worldwide talent showcase platform estimating subscriptions of £16m a year An online soap opera - the world's first! The Internet's first real treasure hunt - could be absolutely huge for 2010/2011 An educational games company Nutritional and health drinks for children ... together with half-price properties in Spain, and only £5,000 down for stunning Algarve apartments. Plus articles, support and advice exclusively created by foremost experts in their field. We’ve never seen more interesting material packed within 35 pages. Ideas Factory are the people who raised the funding for the current West End smash-hit theatrical production of The Railway Children (now playing at the old Eurostar terminal at Waterloo Station). It’s packed out, and on an extended run already. Apparently, investors are set to triple their money within a year. And all this ... is free. Click here to download.