CS helps Rubric achieve a competitive advantage

Rubric provides translation and localisation services to many companies from varied sectors; helping promote their products to new markets through improved usability. By using Currency Solutions, the company has successfully forged a competitive advantage against similar less FX-savvy companies as you’ll discover in my recent chat below with the director, Francoise Henderson. Q. What kind of clients do you work with? A. Rubric counts many blue chip companies amongst its customers; companies like Adobe, Cisco and Toshiba. Many companies from varied sectors also come to us when they want to launch a multi-lingual ecommerce website. For example, we are seeing a lot of interest from the fashion industry at the moment. We also get heavily involved in translating e-learning content for companies with a global presence. Q. Why does the company make foreign exchange transfers? A. Rubric uses a very large number of in-country professional translators, many of whom invoice us in Euros whereas a large number of our clients pay us in US Dollars. We also need to transfer funds to cover our GBP overheads and pay our UK based translators. Q. What have been the main benefits of using Currency Solutions? A. When we used to ask our US bank to convert US before transferring the funds to our GBP or Euro accounts, they would offer us very unfavourable rates. Since we have used Currency Solutions we have benefited from much better rates, which has literally saved us many thousands of pounds. Q. How do you find the service of your broker? A. Currency Solutions’ account management is excellent - always very quick and efficient and with a pleasant personalised service. Q. How have currency fluctuations affected your transactions? A. Currency fluctuations have had a huge impact on our business. At one time the Euro-USD exchange rate went from 1.56 to 1.26 over a very short space of time. Having the option to minimise that effect was a significant competitive advantage for Rubric. To find out more about Rubric’s services, contact email the company’s director, Francoise Henderson.