Jonty and I have been travelling between the UK and Mendoza since we found the site for Valle de Uco Golf, Wine & Country back in 2008. Over that time we’ve got to know the area pretty well and apart from knowing the flight timetable backwards we’ve also spent a lot of time in a lot of hotels. For such a charming city, it can be really difficult to find a decent room, particularly during the summer months. And talking to our fellow travellers we’ve discovered that we’re not alone. Despite high and growing demand, Mendoza is suffering from a serious lack of really good quality accommodation – especially out among the vineyards that the majority of these travellers have come to experience. You see, Mendoza City is not what all the tourists are coming for. It is the expansive countryside, the epic snow-capped mountains and the world-famous vineyards. The discerning tourist wants to stay where they can drink in the beautiful landscape, sip their Malbec and watch the sun set on another clear-skied day but the choice is limited and often of mediocre quality. So we decided to do some research of our own. Tourist numbers are up and are predicted to keep rising year on year until at least 2016, with leisure still the overriding reason why people visit Mendoza. The growth of wine and eco-tourism will only boost numbers to this beautiful part of the world adding to the existing demand for quality accommodation in the winelands. With occupancy figures estimated at 85%-100% during the summer and harvest season the opportunity to establish a new rural hotel is obvious. But what does this mean for you? Having seen first-hand the potential for new quality accommodation in Mendoza, we have designed a new boutique hotel for the Valle de Uco Golf, Wine & Country site. The Vineyard Lodge will be built in an area of the site that has already been designated for growing grapes due to the quality of the soil. This will not only create a beautiful setting for the hotel but will give visitors spectacular views across the natural landscape. We have created an investment product based around the hotel for investors that is low entry, high yielding and has the potential to generate a high exit return. Because this is a commercial investment, you may be able to take this through your personal pension plan, taking your return even further. If you’d like to learn more about investing in our Valle de Uco Golf, Wine & Country site or its hotel and to discover our range of other investment opportunities, contact us on: +44 (0) 1273 627 900 or visit our website: [](