Many people believe that financial advice is mainly about setting yourself up for retirement, but that’s not so. As they go through life, most wage and salary-earners will employ a wide variety of financial instruments to achieve their wealth-creation goals. And as the world of employment grows more complex, the skill and acumen with which those instruments are deployed will have an even greater bearing on their financial goals. A change of job or country could mean wholesale changes to the structure of your wealth-creating portfolio. Consider the decisions most of us have to make between a first job and retirement. We confront multiple issues over the most appropriate instruments in long-term investments, in mortgages, life protection and other insurance products, pension plans, savings products and tax planning. In each of these categories, the decisions we make will impact heavily on how much wealth we eventually create. It’s important to get it right. Pacific IFA specialise in all of them. As “Independent” Financial Advisers, Pacific IFA source products and services from the ‘whole of market’ to meet individual client needs. That includes investments onshore and offshore, savings plans, protection products, whether personal or corporate, tax structures, inheritance planning. And of course Pacific IFA do retirement planning, whether personal or occupational, advising on saving for retirement as well as advising on the most appropriate options for taking benefits at retirement. Pacific IFA was designed from the outset to be nimble-footed and up to speed with fast-changing times, lifestyles and employment practices. As the world of work is changing, many of Pacific IFA’S clients drop in and out of the workforce. Some spend a few months at a time helping out on humanitarian schemes in remote places. Others take long sabbaticals to recharge their batteries, to study or just to think about what they want to do next. Some work from home, others around the world. The financial advisory world has to change to meet these very different aspirations and situations. It’s what clients want and need. So Pacific IFA is different too. For instance, they firmly believe that the days of nine-to-five financial advice are long gone. That’s why they visit clients at times that suit them. After all, money doesn’t sleep. Andrew Garrido - Marketing Director

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