Own Your Own Vines This Christmas

Wine lover? Fancy owning your own vineyard and receiving its wine every year? If you’re interested in this exciting Christmas present to give (or receive!) which has been masterminded by our longstanding affiliate, Ready to Invest, then read on… What is the product? The vineyard is naturally divided into a number of rows and each row can be purchased for £4,499. Once a row has been purchased an owner will have a plaque placed at the end of it denoting it as belonging to them. Care of the vines and the process of having the grapes produced into wine are fully managed by local experts. Owners then receive their wine at their door in the UK every year in their very own personalised bottles. Where is the vineyard and what variety are the grapes? The vineyard is located in Valle de Uco, Mendoza, Argentina. The grape variety is Malbec for which the area is world-renowned. How much will it cost to get my grapes made into my own wine? This will vary year on year but will always be at cost. For 2011 the cost for each bottle will be US$10.08. This will be paid by owners in two equal instalments directly to the separate management company - we always recommend that our clients use Currency Solutions to get the best rates available. Currency Solutions are our preferred choice because it’s important for our clients to receive the very best rates with a simple, hassle-free foreign exchange service. How many bottles does one row produce? This increases as the vines age. They were planted in 2008 and their first harvest will be in March next year. In their first harvest one row is estimated to yield approximately 60 bottles of wine. This will increase to approximately 100+ bottles from 2013 onwards. What quality will the wine be? Again, this will get better with age and will in any event vary year on year. Given the location of the vines and the experience of the experts looking after them the wine will likely be comparable to wines that retail in the UK for between £15 to £20+. Can I get involved in the process if I want to? Absolutely. Ownership of a row will be very interactive with continual updates on the vines and wine as well as online tutorials on viticulture and wine appreciation. An owner can even participate in the harvest if they wish. Full details of this exciting product can be found at www.las-vinas.com Las Vinas are offering a discount of £500 per row on any rows sold to Currency Solutions clients made before the 31 December 2010. Please quote “CURSOL” when ordering.