After the first leg of the electoral debate, many thought that Nick Clegg was delivering all the blows, but after recent scepticism surrounding his immigration policies, is there more than just fighting talk to back recent surges? Tonight sees the three leaders step back into the ring. Informative or entertaining? We shall soon find out...

Pound Sterling – UK Markets

As we continue to bask in the sun, March retail figures will no doubt show increased levels of spending. However, Tesco, one of the world’s largest retail groups has come in around 2 per cent short of group trading profit forecasts. Suggested causes behind this shortfall include recent Currency swings. This morning’s reports suggest that the Pound will continue to make steady gains against both the Dollar and the Euro. Everyone has their own opinion about where the gains will end, so for more information have a word to your broker.

US Dollar – US Markets

With shares at Goldman Sachs down 12 per cent since last Friday, it appears that the company is taking the bull by its horns. Goldman investors believe that instinctively, fighting is the obvious option, but from a shareholder point of view, the smart option would be to settle. Whilst Apple took all the headlines yesterday, today it was Morgan Stanley and Boeing that announced outstanding figures.

Euro – European Markets

General forecasts of ‘doom and gloom’ continue to plague the headlines in European markets as Greece continues talks to rid the country of the ongoing debt crisis. Consumer figures outlined the lack of confidence in the Greek economy and with debt approaching 150% of GDP problems appear to be reaching boiling point. Initial expectations of a £30 billion bailout appear to be closer to the £40 billion mark and the chief economist at Deutsche Bank, Thomas Mayer feared that more money would be needed to cover 2011 and 2012. Banking on the Euro could be costly judging by further falls against the Pound, Dollar and Yen.

Other Currencies - Highlights

The Australian Dollar now appears to be affecting inbound tourism down under. As a long haul destination, Chris Richardson from Access Economics believes the next year will be a tough slog for all those involved in the sector. As the Yen continued to strengthen, further pressure was placed on the export industry and whilst video games aren’t usually the focus of financial talk, Nintendo’s European sales are taking a huge hit.