Some of the biggest gains can be made when the markets are down. Could Pacific IFA wealth management prevent you from missing out? It’s understandable that people are wary as banks topple and sharemarkets crash, but sharemarkets invariably bounce back, often suddenly. For instance, after the crash of ’87, markets recovered so quickly that many investors were caught flat-footed and missed out on gains that would have more than compensated for their losses. Astute investors can make some of their biggest gains when the markets are down. It’s very much the same as people buying houses when prices are low only here we’re talking about shares and other wealth creation instruments. So, it makes sense to say that the best time to invest in companies with strong prospects is when the markets are down. In the past twenty years alone, the sharemarkets of the world have been through upheavals of different kinds about every five years on average, and yet astute investors have only grown wealthier. Their secret? Keeping a clear head and relying on judgement, experience and knowledge. That is something Pacific IFA’s professionals have plenty of, as well as the understanding that all clients are different. So whether or not you’ve been feeling the pinch, get in touch with Pacific IFA for either personal or corporate wealth management. Phone now on 01245403500 or visit