Do fools rush in where angels fear to tread?!

Perhaps they do, as members of the team at Currency Solutions are to skydive for Global Angels, an international charity that works to champion the needs of children around the world.

On the 28th of February 2009, four normally deskbound staff members are to hurl themselves out of a plane in a charity skydive for Global Angels.

The jump is in support of Founder and CEO Molly Bedingfield who last September, jumped from 29, 000 feet over the Himalayas to raise money for children's projects in Nepal and Northern India. Molly's jump was a world record and raised over $1 million for Global Angel's projects.

Molly says of the jump, "Even though this is the most terrifying challenge I have ever taken personally, I would do anything to raise money to support and empower the street kids and orphans in Asia who have already been through so much. I hope that me jumping will inspire thousands of others to join me to earn their wings as well."

Dr Tien Tran, Chairman of Currency Solutions is enthusiastic about the jump. “We are proud to be supporting Molly and the work she does with Global Angels. It helps with the nerves knowing it's all for a good cause!”

To support Tien, Nigel, Gary and Ernie in their jump log onto and donate. Funds raised will go towards long term development projects for children across the UK and internationally. By putting thought into action, Global Angels seeks to inspire others to do the same.