The euro experienced mixed fortunes in trading against the dollar on Wednesday as employment reports from across the euro zone reached traders.

At its lowest, the euro was trading for 1.3266 and reached a high of 1.3312, placing the euro at a two and half month low against the dollar.

The euro also averaged a three and a half month low against the pound, fluctuating between a high of 0.6751 and a low of 0.6735.

In contrast, trading against the yen was at a weekly high, trading between a high of 1.6278 and a low of 162.32.

Employment in the Euro area rose 0.4 per cent in the first quarter of 2007, according to reports released yesterday.

Eurostat, the European statistics office,  revealed that the total number of people employed in the 13 countries using the euro has topped 141 million.