The dollar was handed a fillip in the last 24 hours after the Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis president hinted that rate rises would continue.

The dollar was at to the euro and against the pound this morning.

Officials from the Fed have sounded a consistently hawkish note on the prospects of a rate rise, with the latest round of economic data and comments from the Fed's William Poole underlining this stance.

Mr Poole told reporters that he believed the economy was "pretty strong" on the fundamentals, adding that the key role of the Fed would be to manage the inflation risks.

"That calls for the Federal Reserve to make sure policy is risk-averse," he said.

Analysts are now awaiting further data in the shape of con consumer confidence figures out later today, with observers keen to see the fall-out from the hurricane season.

Meanwhile, in the UK, news that the interest rate has been kept on hold again came as little surprise to analysts, with no movement expected before Christmas.