The dollar enjoyed a positive day, with emerging economic data bolstering a strong end to the week for the currency.

This morning the dollar stood at 1.7283 to the pound and at 1.1709 against the euro.

Figures on the current employment prospects in the US are coming out today with analyst expressing confidence in the job market.

After encouraging signs from the consumer confidence index, as well as indications that manufacturing was seeing an upturn in fortunes, the expected positive job data has given the dollar a lift.

HBOS analyst Steve Pearson told AFX he expected that today's report on the employment market would "ensure the dollar up-trend continues".

Further clues on the likely trajectory of the dollar are expected to emerge when Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan addresses a central bank policy forum in Philadelphia later today.

Mr Greenspan will also be making comments to a conference being held by the British government in London.