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Two Years of Conservative Government – Will Boris Johnson call an early election?

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The 2019 general election saw the Conservatives retain and win the UK government by a landslide victory, gaining 48 seats on the previous election. The election took place on the 12th of December 2019 and the result gave way to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ‘get Brexit done’ -- a slogan which many believe propelled the Tories to their win.

A number of experts and analysts had predicted the election results, but no one could have prepared for the coronavirus pandemic which would soon engulf the UK and the globe just four months into the new governments term.

Almost two years later, and two years on from the beginning of the pandemic, the Conservatives have faced adversity in almost all aspects of government, and a recent lobbying scandal involving former Conservative MP Owen Paterson has begged the question of whether the Prime Minister will call an early election as poll numbers begin to slip.

Since Boris Johnson came to power his party has been hit with several scandals including, the handling of the pandemic, rule-breaking advisors and ministers, and even verbal gaffes from the Prime Minister himself.

Despite these issues, the damage to the Conservatives doesn’t seem to be irreparable.

As Labour struggle to recreate excitement for Kier Starmer and the rest of their party in a similar way to when ‘Corbynmania’ gripped a large section of Labour voters almost six years ago, an early election may propel the Conservatives to another victory.

Though Labour’s own issues may not be as dominant in the press as the Conservatives, the party is less than united. Kier Starmer is dealing with a war within his own party that appears to lack any clear initiative for resolution.

Whilst it’s easy to focus on the Conservative’s scandals over the past two years, it’s important to remember that Boris Johnson did indeed ‘get Brexit done’ (though maybe not in the way he would have wanted) and led a fast, and widespread vaccination rollout across the UK.

When you visit the Conservative’s own website, their list of achievements is thrust into your face, less than a brag, but more to prove that the Conservatives do not want to be remembered as the ‘pandemic government’ and that their attention hasn’t just been on fighting coronavirus.

An early election is not certain, but as one side of the public believe that Labour cannot contest the Conservatives and the other side begin to realise that these ‘sleaze scandals’ are not going away anytime soon.

Boris Johnson has been left to decide when to bite the bullet and ensure his party remains in power beyond the pandemic and beyond 2024.

Final thoughts

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