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Euro 2021: Top Five European Cities For Football Lovers

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The excitement of the postponed UEFA Euro 2021 competition represents a welcome breath of fresh air for football lovers across all of Europe. What could be better than watching the ‘beautiful game’ while soaking up a little culture, and perhaps eying a potential city to move to in the future.

To help football lovers enjoy the upcoming Euro tournament we’ve put together a list of our top five European cities that are perfect not just for fans, but also as places you might want to check out if you’re thinking of moving to the EU.


First up, the capital of the Netherlands is one of the best cities in Europe for football thanks to its impressive fixture locations and its fantastic transport infrastructure and central fan zones.

The Match

The first Euro match played in Amsterdam will take place on the 13th of June with a game between the Netherlands and Ukraine going ahead at the impressive Johan Cruyff Arena in the Bijlmermeer district.

The Stadium

The Johan Cruyff Arena is the largest stadium in the country and has a capacity for 55,000 people during football matches. The Cruyff arena is a category 4 stadium under the UEFA stadium categories system which marks it as a top-tier European stadium with fantastic facilities for teams and fans alike.

There’s a retractable roof, making it perfect for those rainy-day matches, and fans can also enjoy great food and drink options throughout the stadium with six catering kiosks that serve anything from classic bacon rolls to sushi.

The stadium is just 15 minutes from the central station by metro and it has its own station called Amsterdam-Bijlmer-Arena which is serviced by Metro lines 50 and 54.

The City

Gameday celebrations can be found around the streets of the stadium as well as at the big public square of Museumplein which usually has big-screen displays set up and is a great place to soak up the energetic Dutch football fervor.


A city well known for its laid-back nature and famous breweries, Copenhagen also has a fantastic stadium and some of the best expat fan bars anywhere, including several Irish and English pubs.

The Match

The first Euro match in Copenhagen will take place on the 12th of June at the Parken Stadium, and will be a Scandinavian grudge match between Denmark and Finland, so the atmosphere is sure to be electric!

The Stadium

Parken Stadium is one of the smaller stadiums on this list with a capacity for only 38,065 seated fans, however recent renovations mean the facilities are of top quality with a variety of kiosks for fans and even a Michelin-starred restaurant located on the top floor.

A retractable roof means fans can be confident they will be able to stay dry while enjoying the game and there are other fan-centered features including stadium-wide Wi-fi and fan funnel zones which allow easy access throughout the stadium.

It is easy to reach Parken Stadium from the central Copenhagen train station by taking a short 10-minute ride on the M3 metro line to Trianglen station.

The City

There is a huge variety of popular pub locations scattered around Copenhagen which are regular haunts of British football fans and two of the most popular include the The Old English Pub, The Dubliner or The Globe Irish Pub where you can enjoy a pint and some great game day footage on the big screen televisions spread throughout.


With both medieval castles and a world-class stadium, Budapest is not only perfect for enjoying drinks beside the River Danube but is also a city with a fervent sense of football spirit.

The Match

The first match played in Budapest will take place on the 15th of June between Hungary and Portugal at the city's main stadium, the Puskás Arena.

The Stadium

The Puskás Arena is based in the 14th district of Budapest and is one of the newest stadiums in Europe, having been completed in 2019. Inside, there’s enough space for 67,215 fans to sit.

The stadium is a category 4 arena with seven floors dedicated to hospitality, and fans also have access to Wi-fi throughout the venue, which is perfect for those game-day pictures!

Puskás Arena is just a 10-minute walk from Budapest's central station. It’s also easily reached using Budapest's Metro Line 2 and by getting off at Puskás Ferenc Stadion Metro, which will bring you out right in front of the stadium.

The City

The nightlife of Budapest is well known, and you can find hundreds of famous ruin bars in the city centre with Brits usually gathering at the John Bull or Pointer Pub for a pre-game drink.

Fan zones are normally set up at the iconic Hero's Square and the nearby Olof Palme Promenade and those without a ticket can watch all the game day action on several large screens along with 40,000 other fans.


With sun swept city streets dotted with roadside restaurants and bars, as well as one of the biggest stadiums in Europe, Rome is a paradise for football lovers – and the fan rivalry between its two major teams creates an energetic atmosphere unlike any other.

The Match

The opening match of Euro 2021 takes place in Rome and sees Italy going head-to-head with Turkey on the 11th of June at the gigantic Stadio Olimpico.

The Stadium

Stadio Olimpico, located in the Foro Italico sports complex next to the River Tiber, is the largest arena in all of Rome and has the capacity for over 70,000 fans.

The stadium is surrounded by riverfront bars that are always bustling on game day and you can also usually find pop up pizza stalls throughout the nearby Prati area before kick-off. But the fans are what make Stadio Olimpicoa such an outstanding arena and one of the most atmospheric in all of Europe – beware, loud singing and/or flares are a fairly regular sight in Rome!

You can easily reach Stadio Olimpicoa by taking Tram 2 from the metro stop Flaminio near the Piazza del Popolo and getting off at the Mancini stop which will put you right outside the stadium.

The City

After any win, the city of Rome explodes with honking cars and massive crowds of fans gathering around some of the city's most famous monuments and Roman Plazas, and you can always find celebrations at the Piazza Navona, Campo dei Fiori, or the Piazza di Santa Maria after a game.


The stunning capital of Bavaria is not only a great place to enjoy ale and fresh pretzels in sunny beer hall gardens but it is also one of the most successful football cities in Europe with two national teams and over 70 trophies.

The Match

The first Euro match taking place in Munich will happen on the 15th of June and will see the two footballing titans of France and Germany face off at the Munich Football Arena.

The Stadium

The Munich Football Arena is a gigantic stadium with a 70,000 international seated fan capacity that also provides an impressive sight when its 300,000 LED lights flash a multi-coloured display.

The facilities throughout the stadium are some of the best in the world and fans can enjoy food and drink from 28 different kiosks as well as two fan restaurants, meaning you will never lack for anything while enjoying an energetic game atmosphere.

Munich's great public transport system makes reaching the stadium easy and fans can get to the arena directly from Marienplatz central square by taking the U6 light rail line in the direction of Garching-Forschungszentrum and getting off at Fröttmaning station.

The City

Munich is by far one of Europe's top football cities and on match days the beer halls across the city are filled with fans. After the game, you should visit the most popular football bar in all of Germany, Stadion an der Schleißheimerstraße which is always filled with celebrating fans making for a lively atmosphere. Another great option is Munich’s oldest beer hall Augustiner-Kelle where you can enjoy traditional tapped German beer fresh from the keg.


No matter where you are based in Europe you will never be far from some of the best and most lively football cities in the world, giving you the chance to enjoy a world-class atmosphere and watch some of the greatest football in the world. And who knows, perhaps you’ll fall in love with one of these fantastic European cities and consider making a move there, even if it’s just temporary. If so, be sure to keep an eye out for more of our country guides and articles that will help you move abroad here at Currency Solutions.

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