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Nielsen BookScan have this month released data gathered over the last year. Their findings show that 2021 boasts the highest book sales we’ve seen in the last decade. So clearly, most of us believe that print is far from dead.

At Currency Solutions, we couldn’t agree more. Although not standard practice in most offices, we believe that building a shared library offers untold benefits to our team. That’s why we’re busy filling our bookshelves with inspiring literature. Here’s some of the advantages that we’ve already found.

Respect and Support

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One way to ensure that your team remains motivated is through the nurturing of their knowledge and creative development. When the business puts its money where its mouth is in terms of intellectual support, it ensures that the valuable workforce feels fulfilled and valued.

It’s an opportunity to develop the brilliant minds that you first saw potential in, and in doing so, you are recognising the importance of investing in your employees’ journey and aspirations within the company.

Breaks from screentime

In our digital age, breaks from the desk can result in doomscrolling social feeds or replying to emails to pass the time. But, in the interest of stress reduction, good old paper offers stronger merits (not to mention some much needed eye-strain relief).

A fully stocked reading area gives employees the opportunity to take a break from technology, and the space to recoup some energy lost to the screen.

Communication skills

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Critical and creative thinking skills will come in useful in all aspects of business. Reading challenging and informative works allows us to think logically about information and analyse complex situations outside of the context of the day job.

Reading can promote problem solving skills and communication techniques in varying aspects of business; as a team, we’re already finding that our vocabulary, grammar, and persuasive techniques, are all improved with our increased reading habits.

Personal Suggestions

In our libraries, we’ll be including books recommended by members of our team. This way, we’ll gain insight into ideas that have shaped our colleagues.

We’ve specifically asked our team to suggest literature that has helped them to develop their communication skills, work outlook, and has inspired their journeys so far. Ultimately, these books will allow us to understand each other better.


Rather than shipping out each book to disparate home locations, we’re buying every book from second-hand and sustainable sources, and adding them to our shared office libraries.

As our offices grow, so too will the variety and volume of our books. But we vouch to always buy second-hand where possible to minimise our carbon footprint.

Accurate Information

There’s nothing wrong with a good Google now and then, but when it comes to key principles of the business – factual sources are key.

By providing our teams with consistent and accurate information, we can ensure that our team can find trusty-worthy sources when they’re most needed. We’ve found that shared resources ignite wider discussion of ideas and ignite team bonding and discourse.

We’re looking forward to continuing to grow our collection this year and are excited to delve into the new and exciting work that is published in 2022 – at Currency Solutions, print is alive and kicking.

Final thoughts

Opening an account with Currency Solutions is completely free and you’ll be able to make currency transfers anytime at our excellent exchange rates.

We appreciate that navigating the currency market can be daunting! So, a dedicated account manager will always be on hand to offer guidance.