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2022: What the Tech is Going On?

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As the end of this particularly transformative year approaches, necessity has driven technological innovations in sectors that may have otherwise remained stagnant.

Though it would have been difficult to predict the events of recent years, technology has experienced rapid growth driven by challenges related to Covid-19. If only in terms of technology, 2021 has been an exciting year. With recent advances in mind, here are some of the tech trends to keep an eye on in 2022.

Remote technology

The ongoing pandemic has meant that work-from-home opportunities have skyrocketed in 2021. With companies impressed by the general outcomes of the remote movement, we can expect to see a continuation and reinvention of many processes required for these forms of work to flourish. Businesses will increasingly invest in systems which ensure fluid teamwork and services for far-flung employees and customers. So, keep a look out for rapid technological developments in this area, such as advancements in battery life and other support for ‘untethered’ work-environments.

Increased Security Practices

With the application of remote workplaces and remote teaching increasing, so too will the importance of cybersecurity. As technologies grow and loopholes begin to appear, expect to see leaps made in security-related technology. With the threat landscape widening, and contactless technologies entering airports, retail, and hospitality, many businesses will need to quickly adapt to the increase of supply chain, ransomware, and cyberterrorism attacks.


Considering the outcomes of the COP26 Summit in early November 2021, carbon is set to become a huge topic in tech in the next year. With revised green initiatives and guidelines from governments worldwide, we will see a rise in ‘cleantech’ (green technologies that can be used in many industries such as manufacturing and construction). Cleantech will support businesses in efficiently reducing energy needed for fuel-intensive practices, resulting in a reduced carbon-footprint.


The reliable internet offered by 5G truly begun its conquest over the lesser 4G this year. This advancement is set to alter the landscape of telecommunication, automotive, and transportation sectors in 2022. Many companies will look to adapt to the technology to upgrade their infrastructure. For instance, Gretchen Brainard of Deloitte says that federal agencies will ‘be able to simulate an operating environment out in a war zone, using things like glasses and other peripherals that are not enabled by infrastructure that we have now’. But these technologies could also mean huge advances in many other sectors, like online Medicare.

Autonomous Optimisation

The increasing automation and digitalisation of physical tasks will continue into the next year, and RPA (robotic process automation) is set to take off in a big way. Whether this RPA is used for self-service kiosks, smart factory equipment, or AI-drive-throughs, the revenue-centric technology will continue to be developed in 2022, with businesses putting automation technologies at the centre of their strategies. Robo-burger anyone?

Of course, no matter what is in store for 2022, there will always be unexpected forces which steer technological advancements in unforeseen directions. At Currency Solutions, we’re focused on implementing new technologies so that we can better your customer experience — not take away from it. For us, this means ensuring that you will never be stuck on hold to robo-customer-service, and that you’ll never be left feeling disconnected by endless automation. Instead, through the application of next-generation technologies, we will continue to empower and assist, while maintaining our safe, secure, and supportive service.

Final thoughts

Opening an account with Currency Solutions is completely free and you’ll be able to make currency transfers anytime at our excellent exchange rates.

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