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Working alongside a global network of clients, Currency Solutions is the preferred choice to provide currency risk management, market insight and a dedicated dealing service. This coupled with our ability to provide our clients with great exchange rates allows us to remain a leader within our industry.

Our Offering

Make & receive payments

  • Spot
  • Forward contracts
  • Market orders
  • Multiple payments
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Unparalleled service

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Instant access to the market via phone
  • 24/7 online access
  • Fast, flexible and secure payments
  • Market expertise and insight
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Risk management

  • Identify and understand FX risk
  • Develop bespoke hedging strategies
  • Implement hedging strategy
  • Evaluate your hedging policy on an ongoing basis
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Structured products

  • Vanilla
  • Participating Forward
  • Collar
  • Window Forward Extra
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Daily market report

Daily reports from our team of specialists

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TrustPilot Best in “Money” category 2016, MoneyTransferComparison
Service Excellence Award 2016, Customer Experience Awards Finalist 2016.